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Home Over the course of various projects, Jacklin Studios has developed some software tools to assist musicians and sound engineers. As time and resources allow, we are making these tools available for others, either as free downloads, or demoware (expiring demos that can be authorized after purchase for use without expiry). We hope you find them useful.

DP-AC7-DSMidiWifi-Bridge - A utility app that allows Digital Performer to be used with DSMidiWifi, and thus the AC-7 iPhone and AC-7 Pro iPad virtual control surface apps.

VG99Lister - A trivial app to parse a VG-99 .g9l patch list file, and show the names of the patches. User can then select those, and copy/paste into a text (or other) file in another app.

DP/NI Automation Fixer - A patching component that enables recording of automation of NI plugins in DP 5.x (and maybe DP 4.x). Place in /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components, reboot and re-launch DP.

Note <-> Frequency calculator - A dashboard widget for converting between notes and frequencies.

ConvertToMP3 - Dropping any audio file on this AppleScript droplet causes iTunes to launch, and convert the file to MP3 format.

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